Understanding Addiction

Many studies have focused attention on treatment for addictions through the use of standard & traditional medical therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Therapy, Psychotherapy, and Group as well as 12 step programs for alcoholism, drug dependency and many other forms of addictions.


Interestingly, the most widely used form of therapy used is CBT. Developed by Carl Jung who embraced metaphysical thought, Jung’s psychological theory is based upon the primary assumption that the human mind has both a conscience or outer realm and an unconscious or inner realm. Because we tend to live and function in our conscious world, it is here that we try to resolve our individual and societal problems using the same behavior patterns over and over until they no longer fit the situation.
Because of this, Jung believes that the resolution to conscious problems lies in the unconscious realm and as long as humans deny the contents of the unconscious they are also denying a fundamental part of their selves and can change nothing for change happens in the unconscious.


Our conscious mind is therefore limited to the sequential flow of words and their corresponding ideas which arise from our subconscious. Our subconscious mind being formed from knowledge and experiences gathered over our lifetime and possibly from the lives of our ancestors where knowledge is stored in genetic structures.



Thus if we are to have harmony between our conscious and subconscious minds and the external world we experience, we must unite these apparently separate things. To do this at a fundamental level requires understanding what matter is and thus what we are as humans and how we are necessarily connected to all other matter in the universe. The result is that modern man can know himself only in so far as he can become conscious of himself. We cannot change anything unless we accept it without condemnation, for condemnation does not liberate, it only oppresses.


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