Somatiztion Disorder

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Somatization disorder (also Briquet’s disorder or, in antiquity, hysteria) is a psychiatric diagnosis applied to patients who persistently complain of varied physical symptoms that have no identifiable physical origin.[1] The disorder must begin before the patient turns 30 years of age [2] and could last for several years, resulting to either medical seeking behavior or significant treatment.[3] One common generaletiological explanation is that internal psychological conflicts are unconsciously expressed as physical signs. Patients with somatization disorder will typically visit many doctors in pursuit of effective treatment.

Examples of manifestations of psychosomatic disorder are as such: a child itches in response to family issues, and experiencing repressed anger and/or fear. Thus, The child grows and wakes up itching in the same locations, though not aware of the repressed memory causing the suffering in later life, or the patient is engaged in seeking psychotherapy for somatization.


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