Three Steps To Getting a Valentine

Do you desire to feel better about Valentines day? The way we feel greatly influences who is attracted to us. If we feel good and positive about Valentines day, then perhaps we might be in a better frame of mine to attract one!


Repeat 12X times a day minimum. When you say the words visualize it and feel the feeling of how good it feels each time. You can change the words to fit your situation, but they must be feel good statements.



1. Say what you desire now:

I have a wonderful and exciting love relationship in my life.

2. Say what you are going to give to others to get it.

I intend to give people faith that love exists and they can achieve it.

3. Repeat this phrase every time feeling good each time you say it.

I ask for more wisdom to except and control and direct my mind to achieve whatever I desire.

Repeat 12 times or more daily and you start to feel better and better about love and relationships and perhaps get the valentine you desire!


Blessings, Dr. Jordan

*Based on the teachings of Napoleon Hill.

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Blessings to you.

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