The God Test

This is a great test for yourself or someone you’re in a relationship with. I’ll explain why at the end of the test. Even an atheist can take this test.


Just imagine what your God would answer to you if he was real.


Answer each question with as much truth and detail as possible.

1. How would you describe God?

2. What would God do to you if he was standing in front of you?

3. What would God say to you if he was talking to you?

4. How is God disappointed in you?

5. When god sees you who does he think you are?

6. Why does god not give you whatever you want?

7. When has God been mad or upset with you?

8. What does God think you need to change in your life?

9. What do you do to make God love you or be proud of you?

10. What if you were God?


Now. The purpose of this test is for you to get a good idea of what you think and feel of yourself. The relationship with God that you have is just a reflection of your deep inner feelings and thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself. God is neutral. Everything we make up about God is really about ourselves and our relationship with God can change. Look at where you dislike yourself, where you think you need to do something to be worthy of love.


Remember, God is love. God has no judgements and requires nothing from you. You are loved because you are a perfect image of God and have nothing to do to gain love, approval or acceptance.


The reason I say this will help you in relationships is twofold. One reason is it helps you both understand what your beliefs are and gives you a better understanding of one another and the second reason is it will help you see if there are significant differences in what you believe and how you approach your relationship with God and if you are compatible in your core beliefs.


This is very important for the health of the relationship and can show where problems may arise later on when faced with major life changes or problems.


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Blessings to you.

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  1. will weber
    February 25, 2013 | 11:54 PM

    Your teaching is the greatest
    Your website is the greatest
    You are the greatest, thank you for being you.

    I know I’m suppose to be here.

    Will Weber

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