My Personal Perspective And Experience Of Those Suffering With Addictions

I have known quite a few addicts in treatment. One observation I made was that they all seem to be have thought patterns involving low self-esteem or poor self-worth coupled with tremendous guilt and self-hatred. When these thought patterns are combined with poor impulse control addictive qualities usually surface.


My experiences with my best friend led me to research and write about these observations. My best friend who started me on my path to metaphysical learning, was a Metaphysical pastor named Randy Denton. He had abused drugs and alcohol most of his life. Just when I thought he finally had control of his addictions, he committed suicide at the age of 55 with a drug overdose.


The police required that I stay with his body for four hours while awaiting the coroner and I found myself constantly looking at him laying there and wondering why. Why did this man end up here like this?


In cleaning his apartment I found his journals and began to read them to see if I could learn what had led this caring loving man who had such gifts to share with the world to this destructive end. Decade after decade I was reading about his guilt over the things he had done to others. The emptiness he felt and the lack of love he felt for himself. Most of his life he stated that he felt like he was from another planet and did not belong here.


How could one of the most learned metaphysical and spiritually enlighten men I have ever met not been able to control his addiction? Why did his addiction get control of him to the extent that he took his own life with it? Randy had all the tools, meditated and prayed yet he could not control his addiction.


I came to the understanding that addictions, for some people are as hard to stop as it is for someone to re-grow a lost arm.. While we do have the ability to truly change and be anything we can imagine on a metaphysical level, it is clearly demonstrated that no one has of yet come up with a way that can access and deliver this type of understanding in physical action. I see no man ever leaving this world without death which sometimes includes suffering.


I feel that people can change and can control addictions if they have the conscious ability to do so. Try explaining the law of attraction to a profoundly developmentally challenged individual. See how much they can change or shape their lives. It is not possible given the knowledge they currently have.


Sometimes it is not possible for an individual to help themselves if something blocks them from being able to control their thoughts. When we can control our thoughts and put this into action we can control addictions. That can only occur when we are aware of our own existence in the present moment and have metacognitive abilities and that is when we can make thought changes on a metaphysical level and transform this into the physical plane of existence.


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