Learning To Love Yourself… Can It Really Change My Life?

When you think about how you generally feel about yourself, what feelings do you have? Do you have feelings of love and support?  Or do have thoughts that tell you that you’re not good enough, not smart enough, don’t deserve money, love or romance?  Maybe you feel that you have done things that are so bad you do not deserve to happiness.


We are born with unconditional love for ourselves, but as we grow and mature, we are inundated with conscious and subconscious messages that diminished our self-esteems and our self-love. The messages vary from casual slights to outright abuse. In our developmental childhood years,  we learn what it means to be loved and feel loved from those in our environments.  This imprint carries over into our adulthood.

One of the great metaphysical teachers and author, Louise Hay,  feels that too many of us suffer from a lack of self-love and as a result, our  lives simply do not work.  Everything in our lives can be affected by a lack of love: our money, our relationships and even our mental health.  We suffer when we feel we are not good enough or unloved.

We all hold the key within us to find true happiness and love. When we learn to love ourselves, we embark on a wonderful journey and the journey is only over when we find complete, authentic and unconditional love, joy and happiness for ourselves .

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  1. Dr. Jordan
    November 29, 2011 | 2:52 PM

    Thank you for your comment. Learning to love yourself is the most important step in the process to self discovery. I hold groups in Fort Lauderdale every month where I speak on this topic and I also speak at various venues around the country. Where are you located? Please keep visiting my site under the events and products tabs to get “coming soon” information. Blessings, Dr. Jordan

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