Resources for Coping With Grief

Resources and references for coping with grief and loss

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General information about grief and loss

The Grieving Process Provides helpful handouts on the grieving process, including the stages of grief, how to take care of yourself, and the different ways people react to loss. (Hospice of the North Shore)

Life after Loss: Dealing with Grief Guide to coping with grief and loss, including normal grief reactions to expect. (University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center)

Grief Support Provides insights into grieving and the grief process. A companion page contains detailed information about children’s grief. (Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement)

Death and Grief Article for teens on how to cope with grief and loss. Includes tips for dealing with the pain and taking care of yourself during the grieving process. (Nemours Foundation)

Death of a loved one

Grief: Coping With Reminders After a Loss Tips for coping with the grief that can resurface even years after you’ve lost a loved one. (Mayo Clinic)

On Being Alone: A Guide for the Newly Widowed A comprehensive series of articles on grief and loss offering practical, as well as psychological advice. (AARP)

Support for grief and loss Online support community for people dealing with grief, death, and major loss, with over fifty monitored support groups for both kids and adults. (

Compassionate Friends – National, self-help organization for those grieving the loss of a child. Includes a Chapter Locator and supportive online brochures on various aspects of grief. (The Compassionate Friends)

Stages of grief

The Kubler-Ross grief cycle Details each stage as it applies to persons facing death or other negative life change. Note that the cycle as presented includes seven stages, including initial shock. (

What is Grief? Lays out general stages of grief with tips for helping someone who is grieving. (University of Illinois Counseling Center)

Complicated grief and depression

Major Depression and Complicated Grief  Lists the warning signs and symptoms that suggest grief has progressed to major depression or complicated grief. (American Cancer Society)

Complicated Grief  Learn the difference between the normal grief reaction and complicated grief. Includes information about symptoms, risk factors, and treatment. (Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide)

Grief after suicide

Grief after Suicide – Survivors of suicide and their friends can help each other and themselves by gaining an understanding of grief after suicide. (Canadian Mental Health Association)

Grief after Suicide – Understanding your emotions, as well as suicide in general, may ease your grieving after suicide. (Buddha Dharma Education Association)

Authors: Melinda Smith, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. Last updated: October 2011.


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