Therapy Modalities

Dr Lewis Jordan’s Florida Therapy specialities are CBT and Insight-Oriented Therapy.  Self talk or Affirmations are used in conjunction with the psychotherapeutic treatment method known as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).  During a typical therapy session Dr. Jordan analyzes the underlying belief systems that the client has brought into their present experience which is effecting mood, feelings and emotions.  Helping the client gain insight into what they believes to be true about themselves.  The stories of their life will help Dr Jordan to shift and change the thought process to one that supports their desired emotional well-being.  CBT may be used with clients that are having issues with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, self-esteem issues, etc.  Dr. Jordan will utilize CBT in cognitive restructuring by helping the client understand their behaviors in a more logical, rational and adaptive way that they can then use in their every day life.

Dr. Jordan often times uses augmentative therapeutic techniques such as individualized affirmation materials  (usually in the form of an audio CD’s or meditation CD’s) to change myelinated thought patterns.  We all have myelinated thought patterns.  Myelination is simply the neurons in your brain moving towards an electrical impulse (a thought) which is energy.  Electrical impulses move towards each other in this process and the thought becomes a habituated electrical impulse. Because energy travels through the path of least resistant, and there is a thick neurological pathway (like a freeway in your brain) your first impulse (a thought that feels normal) may become the very thought that you do not desire because you have habituated or myelinated it into being (in your brain). However, thoughts become feelings and feelings and beliefs become your experiences or show up as “things” in your life.  For example, if you have a thought process that “I am not smart enough” or, “Nobody loves me,” and you habitually think these thoughts, your brain will myelin-ate towards this thought process and it will become a normal natural feeling and thought state for you to have. The process of CBT or affirmations is to introduce new neurological pathways to eventually change the habituated thought process to one that produces the feelings state in you (the things) that you desire.  Dr Jordan has seen this process take as little as 14-30 days given the individuals openness to affirm new thoughts.  Success is possible given the degree of motivation to change the feelings state to one that is truly desired.  All that is required is the clients ability to assimilate new belief systems that work.

Many times people have used this method in self-help books, CD’s and seminars and for the most part have failed.  The reason for this failure is that the affirmations are not targeted toward the core beliefs that are running the specific thoughts of the individual.  This is where a therapist can transform and expedite the individual to cathartically see the belief systems that are not working for them thereby helping the individual to be motivated to not only change those belief systems (change the thoughts) but also help the individual see the road map out of the habituated thought process that does not produce the desired feeling.

(These are generalizations not intended for diagnosis purposes but to give you a general idea of possible treatment paths. Always seek a licensed mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment of any disorder.)


Dr. Lewis Jordan has over 20 years experience in psychotherapy, counseling, education and public speaking. Dr. Lewis Jordan’s Florida therapy offices for Therapy & Neurofeedback Services are located in various locations throughout South Florida as well as offices in New York City and South Carolina.  Please click here for Dr. Lewis Jordan’s current Educational Videos

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