Additional Alternative Treatments For Addictions

“The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.”   Carl Jung 1875-1961


Jung long considered to be the father of modern American psychotherapy was the bridge between spiritualism or metaphysical thought and psychology. All forms of addictions can be viewed as avoidance of spiritual truth and a distraction from the truth. To free yourself from addiction, you must change your subconscious thoughts thereby embracing your spiritual self. Since Jung, practically every treatment for addiction is focused on changing thought patterns and therefore changing behavior patterns. Many group meetings go farther and suggest a clear surrender to the spirit of God.



I feel that Jung was on the correct path; however the current treatments are not always the best approach for every client. It is important to examine some alternative treatments being offered for clients who are not responsive to the traditional treatment modalities or require augmentation to those traditional therapies. Some current research suggests that alternative treatment and prevention options may be effectively used for alcoholism such as Controlled Drinking Therapy, Music Therapy, Meditation Therapy and other concepts concerning special populations. Further, some preventative therapeutic alternatives such as Nicotine Reduction Treatments and new intervention therapies all embracing the idea of changing the subconscious thoughts that spring from the metaphysical teachings have been shown to be effective. I believe that all current and future treatments have to have a basic belief that one must give focused attention to what is desired, not on what you do not desire. The more you love your sobriety and the more you focus and picture upon it the more it is drawn to you.


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