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Psychotherapy Services

The aim in individual therapy is to help the client discover greater control, power and responsibility over their individual thoughts, feelings & beliefs so they may consciously create changes that will lead towards a life filled with love and happiness and attain and achieve real tangible goals.

In our Couples counseling we center on techniques to strengthen the relationship using today’s most modern researched based proven techniques based on styles such as Gottman Method and Imago Styles. The couple will learn to manage conflict, understand a deeper connection with each other and learn how to express their feelings in a health, safe and loving environment.

With the proper knowledge, a couple may become more aware of how empathize with their partner and also how to love their partner more deeply and establish a true friendship. Tools such as Love Maps are just one of the many techniques used in Couples, Pre and Post Marital Counseling. We believe that helping facilitate a solid foundation will allow more healthy methods of communication and deeper connections to grow and form. This is vital for any relationship to thrive. Balance and Awareness is the key.


Dr. Zen Lewis has over 20 years experience in psychotherapy, counseling, education and public speaking. Dr. Zen’s Psychotherapy Services offices for Therapy Services are located in Los Angeles and Burbank, CA and various locations in South Florida. Please click here for Dr. Zen’s current Educational Videos.

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